Outpatient Services:

  • We have a newly renovated outpatient department (OPD) which addresses to over 50 patients everyday in the general hospital. Our new OPD was renovated in 2015 keeping in mind our patients and the comfort we want to provide them. There are 8 doctors’ chambers in the OPD and we have around 7 doctors available in the OPD every day.
  • There’s now a newly renovated waiting area for patients with new furniture and fixtures, newly renovated Doctors’ chambers and new immunization room. All incoming patients are first required to get their registration done at the registration counter and then they are attended by a nurse who records the vital signs and guides the patient to the doctor’s chamber.

Maternity Services

Christian Hospital Kasganj was started as a small dispensary catering primarily to women and children. To this day, we are providing excellent care in maternal and child health.

Our maternity ward has a capacity for 25 in-patients, is fully equipped for maternal care and has 5 private rooms too.  We have a well-trained team of maternity staff and we have taken pride in our maternity services.

We also have a Labour room for normal vaginal and assisted deliveries, an Operation theatre for major and minor surgeries, surgical procedures and emergencies.

We do around 180 deliveries, 100 Caesarean sections and 50 D & C’s per year.


Child Health

Christian Hospital Kasganj has been one of the oldest institutions providing childcare to our community. We have come a long way since we started. Now, we have a Paediatric ward and a NICU (Neonatal Intensive care unit).

Our new Paediatric ward was renovated in March 2014 and has central oxygen and suction supply.  It has a capacity of 10 beds and is equipped with all the necessary instruments and equipment. We have a team of trained Paediatric nurses which specialize in providing quality care to children.

The very first NICU in Kasganj and nearby districts was also      opened and inaugurated in March 2014 and has a capacity for 8 newborns with central oxygen supply and suctioning. We have 2 infant warmers, 2 incubators and 1 ventilator in NICU.

We offer immunizations as recommended by IAP (Indian academy of Paediatrics). Parents are given an immunization card at birth and children are followed up on it thereafter.

Surgery Department

The surgical department primarily performs general surgeries. However, we also have some consultant specialists who come specifically to perform surgeries like laproscopic surgeries, orthopaedic surgeries etc.

Our surgical team has experienced OT staff as well as doctors.


We have a pathology laboratory for examination and analysis of blood, urine, stool and body fluids. Our laboratory has got equipment and instruments for basic blood tests and has also got a facility for referral of the advanced tests. This way our patient needs to get his/her sample collection at our laboratory and we get their reports, without letting our patients travel long distances for the lab tests.

We perform around 100 laboratory tests per day. Our laboratory technicians are trained and experienced in performing laboratory tests.

Tests offered at our laboratory are as follows:


–          Complete Blood Count

–          General Blood Picture

–          Smear for Malarial parasite

–          BT, CT

–          Blood grouping and Rh

–          ESR


–          Blood sugar – fasting, PP and Random

–          Lipid profile

–          Blood Urea and Serum Creatinine

–          Liver function tests

–          Se Electrolytes

–          Se Calcium

–          Se Uric acid



–          Urine routine

–          Urine for Bile salt & pigment

–          Urine Pregnancy test

–          Stool routine examination

–          Semen analysis

–          Pleural, Ascitic and Cerebro-spinal fluid analysis


–          WIDAL

–          VDRL

–          Rapid tests for HIV, HBsAg


Tests referred to another laboratory:

  • Thyroid profile – TSH only
  • Se Prolactin
  • Triple marker test (AFP, HCG & E2)
  • HbA1c
  • TB Gold test
  • Urine for culture and sensitivity
  • Pus culture
  • Vit A
  • Vit D
  • Se Calcium
  • Complete blood profile

Emergency services

Christian Hospital Kasganj runs a Casualty for all the medical and surgical emergencies, which is open 24 hrs a day. Our Casualty is equipped with the main emergency equipment and instruments and also has a team of staff which has been trained in providing emergency services. The Casualty is 5-bedded and we have an average of 15 patients attending the Casualty every day. Our X-Ray department and Laboratory services compliment the emergency by being available whenever needed.

The medical and surgical conditions commonly addressed in the casualty are Respiratory diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Paediatric emergencies, Obstetric emergencies, Road Traffic Accidents, Diarrhoea & Dehydration, Hyperpyrexia (Malaria & Typhoid) & other.

X-ray Department & Ultrasound

At Christian Hospital Kasganj, we strive to give the best services.  We have 3 ultrasound machines, 2 out of which are portable. One of our portable machines is in the Casualty.

We are performing around 600 ultrasounds and around 1200 radiographs (X-Rays) per year.


Our pharmacy is open 24 X 7. And we have an average of 75-80 patients receiving medications per day.

In-patient services 

For the in-patients, we have several wards namely Male Ward, Female Ward, Maternity Ward, Paediatric Ward, including ICU, NICU and nurses sick room. There are around 20-25 in-patients per day.  We also have 9 private rooms available for those who would like more secluded care.

ICU and NICU 1

Nurses attending to patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

General Male ward

Dental Department

Our Dental department was established in the year 2007. We receive an average of 5 patients per day.  On routine basis we do Restorations (GIC, Composite), extractions, X-Rays, Root Canal Treatments, Crowns and Bridges, Dentures, Scaling, Orthodontic appliances, Occlusal Equilibration and Special Cases like Leukoplakia and OSMF.


At present, Eye Hospital Kasganj is doing a project with Sight Savers International. The department is performing over 4000 eye surgeries per year.

Eye Department Out Patient Department:

We receive around 133 patients per day in our Eye OPD.  We commonly receive patients with  – Refractory errors, Conjunctivitis (Infective, Allergic & Vernal), Uveitis (Anterior, Intermediate & Posterior), Corneal Ulcers, Corneal Foreign body, Cataract, Glaucoma (POAG, PCAG), Vitreous Haemorrhage, Ocular Trauma, Medical Retina (Macular oedema) without laser, Blepharitis, Corneal Perforations.

Eye Operation Theatre & Surgeries

Our Operation Theatre was renovated and the building was inaugurated by Dr. Harper Caroline, CEO of Sight Savers International in 2016. Most commonly, following eye surgeries are done for the respective eye conditions –

Cataract – (ECCE/SICS/Phaco {Topical}),

Glaucoma – (Trab/Combined),

Entropion , Ectropion, Chalazion, DCT (Dacryocystitis), Pterygium, Tear repair.

Outreach Services

Eye department is conducting around 100 camps per year. Through our camps we are able to reach approx 15000 people per year. We are also screening school children for common eye diseases and refractive errors.

Projects run by Eye Hospital

  • Netra vasant eye project (by Sightsavers International) conducts free cataract surgeries, field and base camps, refractions and glass distribution.

  • Vidyajyoti, National School Eye Health Project (by Sightsavers International) – free screening of children in Government primary school, refraction of school children and distribution of free eye glasses.

  • Eye Hospital Kasganj has also collaborated with District blindness Control society of Government for free cataract operations.